Experience the unique experience of staying at the world's northernmost campsite!

Longyearbyen Camping, located on Spitsbergen in Longyearbyen, is a unique accommodation that will give you a memorable experience in the Arctic surroundings.
From April 19 to August 24, the sun does not set…
Everyone staying at the campsite has a view at Isfjorden's beautiful fjord system. Right next to the campsite is the bird lagoon with many special bird species.
Longyearbyen Camping offers places for tents and rental tents. Since 2021 Longyearbyen Camping operates with an electric fence, for your and our safety. We also provide facilities such as toilets, showers and power outlets for your convenience.

Don't forget to join the Arctic Naked Bathing Club, you’ll get a certificate! :-)

In the vicinity of Longyearbyen Camping you will find a number of exciting activities and sights to explore. Explore the beautiful Arctic nature through guided tours, whale watching or mountain hikes. Day trips such as boat, mountain and kayak trips can be booked at the campsite.
The world's northernmost brewery is 3 km distance and a just little further away is the centre of Longyearbyen, which has a lot to offer. Visit the fascinating Svalbard Museum or Expedition Museum to learn more about the island's history, culture and wildlife. And if you are in to art, there is the Artist centre and a gallery. Longyearbyen also offers a selection of restaurants and cafes where you can try local food and experience the unique Arctic atmosphere.

The street between the airport/campsite and town is outside the 'city-safety-zone' but is in general considered to be safe over summer, as the risk of meeting a Polar bear near town, means the risk of meeting a polar bear that was not seen by anyone else before. (As soon as a polar bear is spotted close to town, it will be scared away.)
Between town and the airport/campsite are many cars driving, therefore it will be most likely seen, before you do.
Still, you are on Spitsbergen, so there is always a risk.
If you are not comfortable with this situation, we recommend you to take a taxi.